Choi Su Weng


Born in the 50’s, been engaged in oil painting throughout the years, Choi witnessed and vigorously contributed to the art development in Macau and indulged himself in abstract landscape. His creations, both descriptive and lyrical, grow intrinsically by describing the external from the internal, while exposing the intrinsic from the extrinsic. Choi is an artist with his own painting language. It is rooted in the combination of modern Western painting concept and oriental art aesthetic, his exploration of Chinese and Western heritage of art form rewards him the unique beautifully infusion of traditional Chinese ink poetic charm and picturesque grace. And it is a brand-new color pattern with unique personality and strong expressive force. This color model is not simply to light and shade, cold and warm color, the concept of communication itself, the concept of interpretation and symbolic comparison, etc., but draw on the Chinese stamp mark, Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting aesthetic point and line. Therefore, his paintings not only have the color artifacts or strong contrast produced by the artistic effect, but also because the dot line with a similar Chinese art is common in the actual situation, strength, hardness, shading, wet, density changes, making his modern Artistic painting unthinkable to show the traditional Chinese ink painting of the simple, light, empty realm. Choi’s paintings have been exhibited in several countries such as Canada, China, Portugal and Macau. The stunning abstract landscape in his work reflects his phycological thoughts and experiences of his life. The vibrant colors that he used expresses his emotions and sentiments of the world. His work is a channel that bring the viewers to travel from the realistic world to reach what the viewers inner self.

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