Nissa Kauppila

United States

Nissa Kauppila is a contemporary artist specialized in ink wash painting. Born and raised in the United States, Nissa’s artworks are infused with Chinese spirituality. Growing up in Monkton, a small town in Vermont, she is surrounded by nature in childhood, while mountain and river as her playground: “nature” becomes her “muse”. On the contrast, her prompt visits of the Far East reward her the signature style of her lively work. Appreciated by audience internationally, her works have been exhibited extensively around the world, such as South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Thanks to her sensitivity to the environment, she captures various forms of life she discovered in nature and transforms them into her paintings. Her artwork delineates not only one particular state of life, but the whole journey the creature goes through. For instance, she can vividly portray the life cycle of a flower- from a seed to blossoming, and finally withering and fall. In the category of animal, birds is her favourite topic. In her ink-wash painting, a standing sparrow looks as if it is flying, while an eagle prancing in the air is like frozen at a particular time span no matter how the clock is ticking. Even if it is just a withered leaf hidden in a corner, Nissa can bring it back to life under her colourful brush. The beauty of wildlife flows instinctively in her artworks, as though it is there since the beginning- This timeless cycle between life and death is in the spirit of her art. This is the signature of nature in her art; So is it her homage to Mother Nature.

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