Rusty Fox (Wang Lap Wong)


Rusty Fox is a documentary photographer, with a focus in scientific and biological photography. He was raised in a city; his personality is shaped by his upbringing within it. He is always concerned with the balance and the imbalance he finds in the city- the relationship between living organism and inanimate objects, which has hugely influenced his perception of urban life. To him, most people who live in this city are like walking machines- numb and soulless. He questions through his artwork: What makes the subjects living in a city different from a slice of meat or a robot?

In his belief, documentary photography has no limits in what it presents. His body of work allows his audience to read the neglected relationship between inanimate objects and us. His works encourage his audience to discover the ordinary in the extraordinary truth, looking beyond the surface to interpret the message hidden beneath- they are therefore engaging to the viewers by allowing the images to speak for themselves.

Based in Macau, Rusty Fox has stayed and studied in the UK for over 10 years, during which he graduated in BA in Photography at University of East London and MA in Documentary Photography at University of South Wales, Newport, UK.  His art pieces were exhibited worldwide under the artist name Rusty Fox, including Diffusion, Belfast, RPS Photography Festivals in UK and Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. His photobook BRutAL (2016) was collected by the University of Oxford and Cambridge, and three national libraries across UK.

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