Shinichi Wakasa


Shinichi Wakasa majored in Japanese Painting at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, Hiroshima City University, where he learned traditional Japanese painting techniques. While in university, he submitted his drawings to Nihon-Bijutsu-INTEN Exhibition where he was awarded a prize. His graduation works were purchased at prices equivalent to the top members of the university faculty. After completing graduate school, he received the second prize of “Gekkan Bijutsu the Rookie of the Year Award ‘debut 2013′” hosted by one of the leading art magazines in Japan. At this time, he began creating drawings on the motifs of a lion and tiger in the style in Yamato-e (classical Japanese paintings) as well as the Gods (mythical beasts) of the ancient mountain worship.

His humorous perspective of the world represents the influence of subcultures such as animation and manga. Furthermore, the fusion and reflection of the beauty of traditional forms of Japanese paintings, which he learned over 9 years, produces the fascination of his art.


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