Taken place from January 10th to 14th, LA Art Show 2018 has successfully came to an end. BLANC ART Gallery has proudly presented Macanese contemporary artist Rusty Fox (Wang Lap Wong), with his “Dummy” photography series, which were well-received and appreciated by visitors worldwide.

"Madly Dummified" 展覽大受歡迎“Madly Dummified” exhibition booth at LA Art Show 2018. Source: (http://www.blancart.co/)

Presented with the theme “Madly Dummified” in LA Art Show, Rusty’s new series of work “Dummy” shows how Rusty penetrates through the crowd of carefree people who lost themselves in the world of intoxication and drugs, attempting to see through their eyes and capture their absent-minded souls. He couldn’t help but seeing these people as a crowd of bewitched manikins, whom he can hardly sense the soul of a human being in this delirious moment. Remarkably, Rusty Fox employs an old way of photo-editing, replacing some of the facial features of these subjects with their own skin in the photos. He transformed the subjects into a new form of creatures – ones that resembles the manikins behind the shop windows – whose lack of expression contrasted with the remaining gestures. If audiences look closely, the “new mask” on their faces are not perfectly smooth; this is their authentic appearance in Rusty’s eyes.

As Rusty addressed, “to see but not with the eyes, all judgements would stay in the dark, repeating uproar in the human world has no reason to listen.” Rusty’s artworks encourage his audience to discover the ordinary in the extraordinary truth, looking beyond the surface to interpret the message hidden beneath- they are therefore engaging to the viewers by allowing the images to speak for themselves.

LA Art Show“Madly Dummified” exhibition area. Source: (http://www.blancart.co/)

LA Art ShowLA Art Show 2018 taking place at Los Angeles Convention Centre. Source: (http://www.blancart.co/)

Rusty Fox is a contemporary artist with a focus in documentary photography, started with scientific and biological photography while embarking on projects featured on urban life recently. Based in Macau, Rusty Fox has stayed in the UK for over 10 years, during which he graduated in BA in Photography at University of East London and MA in Documentary Photography at University of South Wales, Newport, UK. His MA course was founded by Magnum Photos member David Hurn while he has studied with Mark Durden, a scholar and critics of contemporary photography with a rich foundation in fine art. Rusty’s art pieces have been exhibited worldwide, including Paris Photo, Diffusion, Belfast, RPS Photography Festivals in UK and Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. His photobook BRutAL (2016) was collected by the University of Oxford and Cambridge, and three national libraries across UK.

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