Scape Vogue showcases a number of works by two contemporary female artists, Mandy Liao (Liao Man) and Nissa Kauppila. Mandy and Nissa were brought up at two different ends on earth. However, their artworks are like two sides of the same coin- infusing both Eastern and Western features. Born in the United States, Nissa is greatly attracted to the layers produced by ink. “Nature” is the leitmotiv in her works, while she is remarkably adventurous in the use of colour- her contemporary edge of colours using adds to the life she is limning. To her, every stage of life can be captured in her paintings; Every creature comes to life in her ink- be it a shriveling flower, or a bird in still.

Greetings from our beloved friends and visitors at BLANC ART Gallery, photo taken on Dec 14th

On the other hand, Mandy’s inspirations come mostly from urban daily life. Her works unveil the contradicting reality she observed in her surrounding; Through the use of cold tone and deep strokes of paint, Mandy creates a sense of tranquility in her oil painting. It acts as a soundless yet powerful voice that tells the stories of millions of lives in society, resonating with each and every one of us.

filmingFilming in progress with Harper’s Bazaar

In addition, thanks to her enchanting artistic language, Mandy is recently invited to collaborate with Harper’s Bazaar on a cross-sector creative art project, featuring on five established Chinese female celebrities of our time. The five female celebrities will be photographed with Mandy’s latest artworks, sharing their wisdom as a modern woman of our age through a creative approach to photography and paintings. Stay tuned for the new edition of Harper’s Bazaar coming in Spring.

For more details of the exhibition, please call (853) 2850 1055 or email .

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